Don’t miss the first episode of Michelle Obama’s inspirational new podcast

From the darkness into The Light, Michelle Obama’s brand new podcast makes for inspiring listening.

If there is one person whose word we trust more than most, it’s Michelle Obama. Whether she’s schooling us on how to go high when others go low or how success isn’t about how much money you make but about the difference you make in people’s lives – you can bet that we’re listening.

So a brand new podcast that promises her candour and signature wisdom with personal stories and insights you won’t encounter anywhere else? Sign us up right now.

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Based on the US book tour of her bestselling title, The Light We Carry: Overcoming In Uncertain Times, The Light podcast will see the former first lady in inspiring conversation with esteemed friends including Ellen DeGeneres, Tyler Perry, Conan O’Brien, Oprah Winfrey and more.

Through personal stories, Obama and guests (think luminaries such as Gayle King, Hoda Kotb, David Letterman and others) will explore themes from The Light We Carry, including building meaningful relationships; issues connected to race, gender and visibility; the habits and principles they have used to successfully adapt to change and overcome obstacles; and the importance of lighting up for others to reveal the richness and potential around us. 

“Like so many of you over the past couple of years, I’ve sometimes felt isolated, disconnected and discouraged,” Obama shares in the first episode, released today. “So much of our lives were thrown up in the air. Our daily rhythms were stopped. We were pulled apart from one another, and we were left to put the pieces back together alone. The conversations in this podcast are about the ways I’ve tried to regain my footing to reconnect with the people and the practices that keep me afloat.”

The Light We Carry by Michelle Obama

Like so many of you over the past couple of years, I’ve sometimes felt isolated, disconnected and discouraged

“We’ll be exploring the topics and questions that so many of us are wrestling with. Questions like, how do we overcome fear? How do we connect with others when it feels like folks are drifting apart? How do we build ourselves up in a world that wants to tear us down? I know there aren’t neat solutions to any of this. There are no hard and fast rules that apply to everyone or every situation, but over the course of my life, I found a few tools and attitudes that stand the test of time, principles that keep me balanced, and I’m so excited to dive into them with all of you.”

Listen to Episode 1 of Michelle Obama: The Light podcast now.

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