DoorDash Will Now Deliver COVID-19 Testing Kits To Your Door

DoorDash continues to expand its delivery service options with a new convenient option for users to receive on-demand, at-home delivery COVID-19 test kits.

The company recently announced its partnership with two reputable digital health companies to make it possible for people to order coronavirus testings directly on its app. Delivery kits from Vault Health and Everlywell can now be delivered to customers across 12 U.S. markets in areas where DashMart locations are available. The new delivery service is expected to roll out in markets including Pheonix, Denver, Dallas, Cleveland, Chicago, Baltimore and Minneapolis. DoorDash hopes to increase its reach in the future.

Vault Health is also offering people the chance to order a testing kit from its own website, available in 20 additional locations such as Las Vegas and Houston. DoorDash will then deliver the testing kit ordered through the site within the same day.

Similar to DoorDash, other companies such as Labcorp have worked with FedEx to deliver at-home COVID-19 testing kits to different markets. However, most people received the test within two days as opposed to DoorDash’s current same-day delivery promise. DoorDash has gone as far as claiming that the average delivery will take less than an hour to reach a person’s home.

Vault Health’s kit costs $119 USD and includes a saliva test that must be done under supervision from someone at the company. The company offers Zoom sessions for this portion. On the other hand, the Everlywell kit costs $109 USD. For both tests, results are expected to come back within 24 to 48 hours.

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