Dove Cameron Releases Steamy Music Video For "Boyfriend"

Dove Cameron has finally released the steamy video for her hit, “Boyfriend.” After previously teasing the song on TikTok, the 26-year-old singer dropped the track on Feb. 10, followed by the accompanying visual on March 31.

In “Boyfriend,” Cameron sings to their love interest about how much better of a partner she would be than their current boyfriend. It’s a dark, sultry anthem that would be a perfect fit for the “Euphoria” soundtrack.

“emotional !!! will come back & speak on how much it means to me to write/release from a queer perspective and have it feel powerful & right and not as terrifying as i had always imagined, but for now i’m going to nap ? because this week was break neck !!” Cameron wrote on Instagram. “i hope you love boyfriend like i love you . ps: we are all now legally boyfriends . see you in the morning please stream the sh*t out of this, xxxxxxxxxx.”

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