Eagle-Eyed Fans Think Pete Davidson Sent Kim Kardashian This Meaningful Birthday Gift

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson might not be together at the moment, but fans are convinced that the SNL alum gifted Kardashian something extra sentimental for her 42nd birthday, which she celebrated over the weekend.

In her recent Instagram stories, Kardashian shared plenty of snaps, from getting ready to go on Kylie Jenner’s private jet to see Usher perform in Las Vegas — which she was ultimately unable to go because of dangerous high winds — to an impromptu trip to In N’ Out.

She also showed off an impressive display of white flowers in her bathroom along with a sample of aluminum-free deodorant from one of her friends. But that’s not what had fans on Reddit talking; it was the Jasmin Diptyque candle nestled in the flowers in the background.

In case you forgot, Kardashian first felt the spark with Davidson when she hosted Saturday Night Live in October 2021. The two starred in a Jasmine & Aladdin sketch together and shared a quick onscreen kiss. Once they started dating, Davidson even got a Jasmine tattoo to commemorate their magical first kiss (along with a couple other tattoos).

Could Davidson have been the one who sent Kardashian the luxury Jasmin candle? “How can these small, delicate white flowers leave behind such a powerfully fragrant memory?” reads the candle’s online description. “Subtle yet persistent, tender yet voluptuous…”

Subtle yet persistent, indeed! Now, there is no proof that Davidson is the one who sent the candle, but candles seem to be his thing! Back in February, he was busted for having a Kim Kardashian prayer candle on one of his dressers during an interview with People.

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