EA’s ‘Apex Legends Mobile’ Launches This Tuesday

EA and Respawn Entertainment first announced that they would be adapting their hit franchise Apex Legends for mobile in 2019. Three years later, the mobile iteration of the battle royale shooter is just days away from launch.

Ahead of its arrival on smartphones this Tuesday, May 17, EA has released a trailer for Apex Legends Mobile. The free-to-play game starts on season one, rather than building off of the main series, which is currently on its thirteenth season.

The game features a new exclusive character, as well as maps and other modes unique to the mobile format. The three-minute trailer, however, revealed few specific details about what the modes and landscape will look like. It seems that EA wants fans to wait until Tuesday to find out for themselves.

Android users will need Android 6.0 in order to play, while Apple device owners will require the iPhone 6S or later and iOS 11.0 downloaded.

Watch the trailer Apex Legends Mobile above. The highly-anticipated game launches on Tuesday, May 17 for Apple and Android.

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