Elliot Page Opens up About Being Forced To Wear a Dress During a ‘Juno’ Red Carpet

Elliot Page recently reflected on his experience during the premiere of the 2007 film Juno, claiming that it was a very dark experience for the actor as he was forced to wear a dress on the red carpet.

He recently opened up to Esquire about how hard it was for him to maintain his mental health during the awards-season press tour for Juno, claiming that he was not okay with the way they made him dress. He claimed that before Juno, Page would be allowed to wear anything he wanted during press or while attending a film festival, despite how “fancy” the event was. However, things took a turn at the Toronto Film Festival when the studio demanded Page wear something else.

“I remember going and having the thing I wanted to wear, and then understanding the degree of expectation of how fancy someone is supposed to look. So I said I wanted to wear a suit, and Fox Searchlight was basically like, ‘No, you need to wear a dress,’” he explained. “And they took me in a big rush to one of those fancy stores on Bloor Street. They had me wear a dress, and…that was that. And then all the ‘Juno’ press, all the photo shoots — Michael Cera was in slacks and sneakers. I look back at the photos, and I’m like . . .?”

Page continued, “And it’s easy for people to roll their eyes, but you know what? No. That was really extremely, extremely f*cked up. I shouldn’t have to treat it like just this thing that happened—this somewhat normal thing. It’s like: No. Regardless of me being trans! I’ve had people who’ve apologized about things: ‘Sorry, I didn’t know, I didn’t know at the time.’ It doesn’t matter! It doesn’t matter if I’m trans or cis. Lots of cis women dress how I dress. That has nothing to f***ing do with it.”

Despite all of the dark memories, the actor wishes he “could go back and experience it now. As me.” Page also took to Instagram a few months ago to show off his new transition.

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