Expectant woman bans her mother from delivery room over behaviour at first birth

A mum who has plans for another child has been left contemplating how to tell her own mother that she won't be welcome at the birth after a previous 'incident'.

She says her mum loves her grandchild and has the best intentions but has 'no concept of boundaries', and one moment from her child's first birth has 'really stuck with me'.

Having already had concerns over having her mum in the room, the woman says she finally allowed her to be part of the moment when she made it clear she would be on her best behaviour.

She says all was going well until it came time to push, 'despite the occasional cloud of vape in the delivery room' from her mum when the nurse popped out.

Six hours in, it came time for the soon-to-be mother to deliver her daughter, with her husband holding one leg and her mum holding the other as she pushed in 10 second intervals.

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"After 20 minutes of pushing, her head was crowning," she wrote on Reddit. "This is when my soul left my body.

"My mother exclaimed 'her hair is so beautiful' and reached INTO my vagina and pulled her hair just to feel it, and I guess to be the first one to touch her.

"By this point it was too late to kick her out. My daughter came into this world with a lock of hair on the top of her head sticking straight up.

"I was mortified, and am making it to where she's not allowed in the delivery room in the future.

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"Last week, I jokingly mentioned to her that I would not be allowing her and stated the reason, and she became really defensive.

"And I know people are going to say 'it's your choice who's in the delivery room', but keep in mind, I will hear of my choice to ban her for the rest of my life.

"My choice may also affect our personal relationship permanently because she's just that offended and fails to see why boundaries were violated."

Many agreed she should stand firm, with one replying: "Not only did she vape in your hospital room, she decided to pet your daughter while she was partially inside you!

"Both are so unsanitary and disrespectful! WTF?!"

Another said: "If she can't see why boundaries were violated, she clearly doesn't know what to change so she doesn't violate them again.

"There's no possibility she'll learn and behave better, which further justifies your choice."

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