Fans are upset that new Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom patch fixes bugs

Some fans are weeping over the loss of certain bugs in Tears Of The Kingdom, following a new patch from Nintendo.

It may have had a whole year of polish before Nintendo was ready to launch it, but The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom still came out with a number of bugs, which is unsurprising for a game of its size and complexity.

Nothing awful or game ruining, though. Aside from a seemingly rare one that blocked story progression, the majority of bugs are harmless and arguably even beneficial, such as one that lets players duplicate items.

As everyone knows, Nintendo doesn’t like the idea of people taking advantage of these unintentional mechanics and its latest patch has fixed not just the item duplication bug but a bunch of other popular ones too.

The 1.1.2 update has arrived just one week after the last one and fans have quickly discovered that several game-breaking techniques are no longer possible.

These include things like ‘zuggling,’ a trick that makes weapons stronger than they really are so you can one-shot even the strongest enemies, and ‘Master Sword Smuggling,’ which lets you transfer said sword between save files and make it unbreakable.

Since Tears Of The Kingdom is a purely single-player adventure, many would argue that these bugs should be left as is. After all, they don’t render the game unplayable and anyone who isn’t interested in them can happily ignore them.

Nintendo obviously doesn’t see it that way, much to those fans’ annoyance. Over on Twitter, many are upset with the removal of these bugs and warning others not to let the game update.

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