First Look at Balenciaga's 3XL Trainer Mule

Despite Balenciaga‘s recent attempts to take a more serious approach towards fashion (as seen during Winter 2023), there are still plenty of fun designs coming your way courtesy of Demna, such as these 3XL Trainer mules.

Riffing off the 3XL Trainer seen during Summer 2023’s “The Mud Show,” Balenciaga does what it does best by taking the sneaker and turning it into yet another pair of shoes. Having done the same with its Speed silhouette, Crocs collaboration and the Track Sneaker, it comes as no surprise that the House has taken the rear off its bigger-is-better 3XL.

Like the original pair, this mule is leather-free, instead opting for a construction of worn-out mesh and polyurethane. Rope laces and flat laces are both available on the pair, while dirtied flat laces are found once more on the mule, looping and locking around the toe.

Naturally, plenty of branding works the shoe all around. House monikers can be found on the toe, heel, and inside on the insole, while 3XL hits the tongue per the former sneaker.

Per @demnagram‘s images, it’s clear to see that the leading colorway is one centered around a palette of silver and grays. However, it also looks like a pink version of either the 3XL Trainer or mule is peeking out in the background.

Check out the first-look images in the gallery above, and expect the mules to drop online imminently, as @demnagram shows they have already arrived in some boutiques.

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