From Aidy B to Tonker Bell, These Are Aidy Bryant's Most Iconic SNL Skits

From Aidy B to Tonker Bell, These Are Aidy Bryant’s Most Iconic SNL Skits

While her work on Hulu’s Shrill is truly amazing, many of us probably first discovered the wonders of Aidy Bryant’s talents on Saturday Night Live. An expert in goofy facial expressions and comedic timing, Bryant has given us belly laughs for years with unforgettable characters such as the horny Mrs. Claus and the half-housefly Tonker Bell. And whenever she pops up in a digital short, she knocks it out of the park, whether she’s making money moves as Aidy B or getting wild as a basic girl on Halloween. Ahead, we’ve compiled the most hilarious Aidy Bryant SNL sketches of all time. Get ready to laugh!

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