From Eye Shape to Booty! ‘Love Island’ Cast Reveal What They’re Looking for

All about that booty! That’s the case for Michael Yi, the model who’s looking for The One on Love Island.

“I’m a booty guy. I love booty. I really do,” the 29-year-old told Us Weekly exclusively about what he’s drawn to in a woman. “I like the face and booty, and those are the top two things that I look for. I don’t know what I look for first, the face or the booty. Somehow, I look at both at the same time.”

Meanwhile, Yamen Sanders knows what’s important — someone who checks all the boxes, including being “able to cook some good tacos.”

As for the women, Alana Morrison may only be 21, but she’s looking very closely for the perfect man — and the perfect eyes.

“I’m really into eye shapes, so if I see an eye shape that I’m into, I’ll be like, ‘Oh, my gosh, who is he?’” the Connecticut native said. “I also pay attention to hands and teeth. A lot of girls like teeth, but hands. If his hands are like very manicured or they look nice, l want to let him hug me or hold me.”

Then there’s Mallory Santic, an analyst for Nike who has an obsession with John Mayer. “He has everything I want in a guy and more. He is absolutely perfect,” the 25-year-old told Us. “He’s artistic, he’s creative, he’s smart, he’s super talented. He is just the full package. I love him. I DM him all the time on Instagram, I comment on all his photos. I’ve been to all his concerts. He’s my dream.”

For more from the cast of Love Island, watch our exclusive interviews above. Love Island premieres on CBS Tuesday, July 9, at 8 p.m. ET.

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