FYI: Justin Bieber Is Still the Ultimate "Popstar," and Drake's Music Video Proves It

A wise man by the name of Aubrey Graham once said, “Sh*t don’t even usually get this big without a Bieber face.” So, what did he do? He went and got a Bieber face. On Sept. 4, Drake and DJ Khaled released the music video for their hit “Popstar” featuring an unbuttoned Justin Bieber surrounded by pretty girls, ostentatious neon clothing, and yes, even Scooter Braun. It is, in fact, a complete dream sequence for Bieber and a look at what his days would have been if Believe was released in 2020. But instead, it serves as the ultimate look at a pop star’s lifestyle in the present day.

It’s bright, it’s bougie, and it’s downright entertaining. My favorite part? When Bieber wakes up from the vivid dream and receives a call from Drake while on a dog walk with his wife Hailey. His ringtone is a hilarious rendition of “Baby.” Does it get more pop star than that?! Watch the 8-minute video above and just know we fully expect Drake to star in a Bieber music video next.

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