Games Inbox: Is PSVR2 too expensive?

The Thursday letters page is surprised at EA’s silence on Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, as one reader explains his grudge against Destiny 2.

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eBay fodder
Regarding the sneak PlayStation VR2 price announcement I have to say I’m pretty certain it’ll be a scalper’s paradise. I wasn’t expecting it to be sub £400 but over £500 is a big outlay and with the scalping overlords you’ll be looking at least £800. In a way that’s OK with me, as it’s still not certain whether Team Asobi are even making Astro Bot 2 and there’s no indication of Half-Life being ported over either, so I can wait.

Unfortunately, I don’t see the public being desperate to buy an overpriced one as it’s pricey without a scalper’s grubby mitts on it. The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X were new consoles, which is more enticing than a still niche VR headset. That launch line up currently doesn’t scream ‘Buy me!’

If it turned out that a full Mario-sized Astro Bot was a launch title then I would be certainly thinking differently, but Sony seem to think that replicating a sub atomic particle in the vacuum of space is a good way to distribute sizeable news stories, like the launch of an upcoming product.

Expensive run
Nike kindly refunded a couple of pairs of running shoes I bought last year that have started to wear out. The refund came to £539.98, conveniently just about the price of a PlayStation VR2. I’m so excited, I love my VR stuff.

The original PlayStation VR may have been £350 but it did need an additional £50 camera and I’d argue a pair of £80 Move controllers to get the full experience, so the PlayStation VR2 isn’t too badly priced in comparison.

Anyway, roll-on February, but in the meantime I’ve got a Quest Pro that needs my attention.

GC: You paid what for a pair of trainers?!

Crash course
Loving Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (already level 55) and I have all the trophies from the campaign, despite the game crashing on my PlayStation 5 harder than Cyberpunk 2077 did on my PlayStation 4.

The last story mission was a total crash fest and at one point I had to restart the mission in order to get past one buggy part of the level.

Now that multiplayer is out that seems pretty stable, with maybe three crashes in 20 hours.

I just tried to play Special Ops yesterday with strangers.

Every single game crashed.

The most annoying one was completing the mission and getting three stars, followed by an instant crash and now I have zero stars.

Anyone else having similar problems?

I don’t expect this on a PlayStation 5.

GC: It’s not the console’s fault. Unless it’s broken in some way? We saw glitches in the game but never a crash.

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Locked out
I, like many others, have received a ban from Call Of Duty. When loading the game up on launch day I was met with a notification that I was permanently banned. I appealed, as I have never committed any sort of offense, cheated, or modified a game. The appeal was rejected with little explanation beyond providing a reason of ‘unauthorised software and manipulation of game data.’

The claim is then permanently closed without any means of responding or reopening. Leaving me with £60 wasted on an unplayable game.

Has anyone found any way to remedy this or found a solution?
Chris (Dreadlokk – gamertag/PSN ID)

Cancelling Lara
I don’t like to see anyone lose their job but the idea that Embracer aren’t interested in mobile games and wants to concentrate on console/PC is music to my ears. They seem a weird company, that just sprung up out of nowhere, but if that’s the kind of agenda they’re pushing then I’m all for it.

I’ve never really liked the previous Deus Ex games but if that’s what the developer wants to make and there are fans pushing for it then more power to them. That’s the reason a game should get made, not just because some faceless account says they need a new sequel.

If that Tomb Raider mobile game is cancelled though that means we are going to go a long time without seeing Lara again. Maybe that’s what the series needs, given the mixed response to the reboot trilogy, but I feel they need to keep the name alive a bit more than that. I can’t think what they could do though, since there’s nothing obvious to remaster and my preference, of a remake of Angel Of Darkness, is probably too much work and money.

Very long game
RE: Foley. Microsoft are playing a long game and have done so all along.

Sony also used to sell consoles at a loss.

It’s Xbox Series X which is the loss leader though, not S, this is one reported that they lose lots of money on.

However, they make money back from other parts of their ecosystem.

In Microsoft’s fiscal year 2022, spanning from July 2021 to June 2022, the gaming revenue reached $16.23 billion, up from $15.37 billion in the previous fiscal period.

Hardly losing money I would be keen to point out here

GC: Revenue is not the same as profit.

Not another top 10
RE: 10 PS4 games that are better than expected. What happen to The Witcher 3 and Red Dead Redemption 2? There are far better games than those mentioned in the top nine.

The only one I concur with was Death Stranding. Ghost Of Tsushima was also worth mention. Ghost Recon: Wildlands and Breakpoint, Mafia 3, Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, The Last Of Us 1 and 2, and Call of Duty. Assassin’s Creed, Spider-Man, and Miles Morales. And, perhaps the last and the least, L.A. Noire Remastered.

Those are the best top 10 of PlayStation 4 games released for me.

GC: But the feature wasn’t a list of the top 10 games on PlayStation 4? It was a list of games the reader found to be better than expected.

Just seen an advert for Destiny 2 Lightfall and realised I have a (childish) grudge against the game. When Destiny 2 was on Game Pass I downloaded it and paid for all the various Season Passes and was really enjoying it – getting stuck back in after enjoying the first game when it was released.

Then, one day, I turned on the Xbox to find (without warning?) I no longer had access to hardly any of the abilities, etc. that I did the day before, and that really annoyed me. I thought about purchasing the missing game element but just deleted Destiny 2 from the hard drive and never played it again. Don’t know if this is a common thing, or just me being one-off childish!

In hindsight it did free up more time for other games so it’s been good that way, but I do occasionally miss the events they would have for Halloween, etc.

Talking of other games, Beacon Pines was mentioned the other day in the Inbox. I just finished it as it is on Game Pass and I think it’s worth a go if the price is not too high. I’m not sure it is an actual game though. Interactive story, yes, but game maybe not (don’t know if there is an officially accepted definition of ‘video game’). There’s only a few times you have to do anything ‘gamey’ and that’s only to get an achievement or two.

Keep up the good work.

GC: If you can interact with it, it’s a game.

Inbox also-rans
Why would EA think treating a Star Wars game like the launch of a new multiplayer is a good idea? Did they only start advertising the films a month before they came out? (Remember when there used to be Star Wars films?)

I’m not the first to notice it by the line-up for the PlayStation VR2 is pretty bad so far. Why is Sony spending all this time on such an expensive novelty, that doesn’t even have any decent games ready?
Taylor Moon

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Most retro games are relatively easy to play on at least some modern devices, but what’s the oldest piece of original hardware you still have in working order? How long have you had it for and is it still working as well now as it did originally?

Do you prefer to play older games on the original hardware or would you prefer to play everything on the same machine? If you’re simply using older generation consoles, why haven’t you upgraded yet and when are you thinking of doing so?

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