George Condo's "Linear Expression" Fills the Halls of Sprüth Magers Berlin

Sprüth Magers Berlin is hosting a new exhibition by artist George Condo, entitled “Linear Expression.” In this body of work, Condo, who is a master of expressing the gamut of human emotion, creates using his signature quick and calculated gestures, which are then brought to life through rich use of color and brushwork.

Instantly, you can see the colors, such as those of his wax crayons, jump off the page inviting your eye to investigate the dialogue of faces and loose figurations. For over 40 years, Condo has created these recognizable characters which float in space together, but hardly ever come into eye contact or touch — perhaps, a slight reflection of the distance we’ve all endured throughout this pandemic.

Further down the space and you’ll find his large scale paintings, which those who have witnessed one in person, can attest of the gravity they hold. In Anticipation (2021), Condo juxtaposes a calm palette of cream and pink with a chaotic set of marks that aptly reflects the energy of the title. The artist is a master in this arena, creating a psychological cubism that shifts moods with the blink of an eye, such as the Botticelli-like composition of Abstract Figure Composition (2021).

For those in Berlin, don’t miss George Condo’s “Linear Expression” exhibition, which views at Sprüth Magers until August 25.

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Sprüth Magers
Oranienburger Str. 18,
10178 Berlin, Germany
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