Hacktivist Group "Anonymous" Takes Aim at Do Kwon for LUNA Collapse

Hacktivist collective Anonymous has just set its sights on Terra LUNA‘s Do Kwon for the loss of some $45 billion USD in investors‘ assets. Said to have had malicious intent from the beginning, Anonymous is bringing to light Do Kwon’s arrogance, and stating that his actions were that of a scammer involved in money laundering and fraud.

While recognizing that businesses fail and that people make mistakes, Anonymous has been tipped off that Do Kwon was in the know from the start, and that he was cashing out some $80 million USD a month at the height of LUNA and TerraUSD — the algorithmic stablecoin not backed by any treasury.

Do Kwon has denied his cash withdrawals and has stated that he lost big like the rest of the investors in the market, but Anonymous is looking to uncover the truth and bring his wrongdoings to light. The group pledges to hold him accountable and bring him to justice as soon as possible. Check out the official statement in the video above.

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