Haeckels Partners With Red Bull for an Edible Cup

Margate-based natural skincare and fragrance brand Haeckels has linked up with Red Bull to combat single-use plastic cup waste. Adding to increasing environmental equity efforts, the partnership has crafted a unique edible cup.

The experiment’s cup is crafted from a new bio-material consisting of spirulina, ginger and blueberry. Due to its stomach-friendly components, the cup positively affects energy, digestion and mood when ingested. Additionally, if not eaten the cup will decompose on its own in under 48 hours, preventing environmentally unfriendly waste. The modular cup features an abstract graphic design with shades of deep sea blue, jade green and beige.

The partnership between Haeckels and Red Bull to combat came due to the alarming fact that approximately 100 million single-use plastic cups are used at festivals each year. By forming the edible bio-degradable cup, the two entities are carving out new ways to practice sustainable practices. The cup will launch exclusively at the Haeckels x Red Bull wellness bar at this year’s We Out Here Festival in Cambridgeshire, England.

Check out the edible cup in the gallery above.

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