Haroshi Produces New Works Using Worn-Out Skateboards for Upcoming Show

NANZUKA will soon host a solo exhibition featuring mixed-media works by the acclaimed Japanese artist, Haroshi. Known for his ongoing collaborations with Huf, Haroshi creates dynamic two- and three-dimensional pieces using worn-out skateboards. Entirely self-taught, the artist incorporates elements from skateboarding and street culture while touching on his Japanese background such as guardian deities in his GUZO sculpture series.

Entitled “I versus I,” the works in the presentation were made during COVID-19 when the artist was holed up in his Tokyo studio. Revolving around the theme of “battling against oneself,” the artist engrossed himself in his creative space to create the pieces that will be showcased in the exhibition divided into three series.

One of these sections is called “Mosh Pit” that features a sprawling mosaic work made up of chopped up and used skateboard decks. The artist rearranged them in a flat form “to convey the entire personal history of each skateboarder and skateboard culture as a whole in the form of a cohesive painting,” described the gallery in a statement. “The first and foremost thing that had driven Haroshi in his decision to produce works using his own worn-out skateboard decks was his passion rather than style, and this very fact continues to underpin all of his creative activities to this day.”

Check out select works in the slideshow above and then head to NANZUKA’s website for more information. “I versus I’ will go on view from July 10 through August 8.

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