Harry and Meghan’s Oprah interview: Philip Schofield criticises her again on British television

On the back of his last swipe at the Meghan Markle, former Kiwi TV host Philip Schofield has made another sly dig on British breakfast television.

Schofield, 58, was discussing Donald Trump’s suggestion that he would relish battling the duchess in a 2024 presidential race with commentators Nick Ferrari and Camilla Tominey when he called her out again.

“I love that this idea of Meghan as the next president has really ramped up in the aftermath of the Oprah interview,” Tominey said.

“It had always been suggested she had political ambitions. 2024 may be a little bit too soon, when you consider she’s pregnant with her next child and may have family matters closer to hand, but that is certainly a presidential race I would want to watch.”

Schofield then pointed out that Meghan’s political aspirations would run contrary to her stated desire for privacy.

“But also, doesn’t she want a quiet, private life?” asked Schofield.

Tominey replied: “I would suggest if she thinks the British press have been rather intrusive when it comes to her being a royal, if she were to be a candidate, my goodness, a great deal would be unleashed on her.

“So she would have to think very carefully if she is plotting a track to the White House.”

Earlier this week, Schofield suggested Prince Harry and Meghan Markle should “shut up” following a private conversation leak.

US TV host Gayle King revealed details of Harry’s conversation with his brother Prince William and father Prince Charles following the couple’s explosive tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey.

King, a friend of Markle’s, spoke about the couple’s first talks with the royals following the interview, saying “those conversations were not productive”.

After first listening to King’s segment on CBS, Schofield said: “Either that is the most indiscreet friend on the planet or she has been told by them that she can go on American TV and brief against the royal family and the British press once more.

“It can only be one of two ways.”

Schofield stated that in his opinion, it is time for Meghan and Harry to “stop now”.

“The thing is that there’s been an enormous amount of sympathy over the race issue, over the mental health issue, an enormous amount of sympathy, but looking at the polls that are being had at the moment, that sympathy seems to be ebbing away quite quickly,” he said.

Speaking to British TV personality Gyles Brandreth, Schofield asked: “Isn’t there, Gyles, this feeling that, you know you’ve made your point, essentially shut up now, and get on with your quiet American life? You’ve stabbed a knife to the heart of the monarchy, obviously there were some things that they felt needed to be highlighted, fair enough, but stop now.”

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