Hello, Horror Movie Fans! Here's a Scary Netflix Streaming Schedule For All of October

Oct. 4: The Addams Family

Between horror classics like The Evil Dead and its own thrilling originals like Bird Box, Netflix has quite the selection of films that’ll freak you out. However, the process of narrowing down options and actually deciding what to watch can get a little overwhelming when one is faced with that expansive homepage. So, here’s a solution: consider the following list your streaming schedule for each night in October leading up to Halloween!

The lineup has a little of everything from ghost stories to survival thrillers and romances gone wrong, but they’re all definitely varying degrees of scary, so if you’re tolerance for frights is fairly low, feel free to check out Freeform’s tamer, more family-friendly offering. Those who are up to the challenge, however, can continue scrolling. Also . . . good luck.

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