Here's Everything We Know About the Top Gun Sequel

Here’s Everything We Know About the Top Gun Sequel

With movies and TV shows being rebooted left and right, it would be more surprising if Hollywood chose to leave something alone. That being said, the Top Gun sequel that has been rumored for years is all but here. On Friday, star Tom Cruise surprised Comic-Con attendees with the trailer for the film, which doesn’t give much plot away but includes glimpses of some important moments and new characters.

The iconic original, which hit theaters in 1986, starred Cruise and Anthony Edwards as Navy fighter pilots. While Edwards’ character, Goose, is sadly no longer in the picture, Cruise’s Maverick will continue on the legacy in modern times. From the fresh faces you’ll see in the cast to the 2020 premiere date, keep reading to see all the details we’ve managed to round up about the sequel.

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