Here's Everything You Need To Know About The New "Jurassic World" At Universal Studios

1.First, in case you’re wondering, YES it’s still a boat ride…

So, it’s still a good cool down from the summer heat!

2.…and it still has that impressive 85-foot drop.

Still scary.

3.However, the iconic signs and gate now say: “Jurassic World.”

No more yellow!

5.The queue is meant to immerse you as though you’re really AT Jurassic World — so there are a bunch of ~informational~ signs that talk about Isla Nublar and the dinosaurs, especially the newer ones, like Indominus rex.


8.And Bryce Dallas Howard as Jurassic World’s operations manager Claire Dearing does a very appropriate corporate-style intro.

You know this spells ~trouble~, right?

9.Also, parents — take note! There is a height restriction to the ride.

Honestly? Kinda scary.

12.You can expect to get A LOT more wet on this new ride compared to the old one.

Sorry, no photos of this one because I didn’t want to lose my phone DURING THE DROP!

15.Just outside the ride, you can visit the updated Raptor Encounter, now featuring Owen’s favorite — Blue from Jurassic World.

“Raptors have a new alpha.”

16.But if you’re into more ~docile~ dinos then you can also meet Juliet the Triceratops…

Careful not to get too close, she MIGHT sneeze on you!

17.…or a very cute baby Raptor if size alone scares you.

Cute…until it grows and eats you!

18.There’s even new food at Jurassic World! You’ll have your choice of some ~fancy~ Costa Rican-inspired cuisine served at Jurassic Café.

The menu includes: Slow Roasted Mojo Pork, mojo jackfruit (SO GOOD), Citrus Glazed Chicken, Roasted Mahi Mahi, savory Chorizo and Potato Empanadas, Tropical Fruit Salad, Pomegranate Guacamole with plantain chips, and more.

19.And finally, you can get flavorful Tiki cocktails at the all-new tropical Isla Nu-bar (hehe, get it?).

There’s things like a Tiki Tai (a unique spin on the Mai Tai), the Rum Runner, a Ti Peach, and a Bird of Paradise. All very sweet, refreshing, and delish, TBH.

Hold onto your butts…it’s gonna be super fun (and super wet)!!!

Jurassic World is now open! To buy tickets and find out more visit

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