HUMAN MADE Launches "SWEET COWBOY" Non-Alcoholic Sake

Following a series of STORM COWBOY sake releases which range back to 2019, Nigo has revealed HUMAN MADE‘s first non-alcoholic sweet sake dubbed “SWEET COWBOY” to be enjoyed by all.

HUMAN MADE’s sake was recognized with a gold medal in the IWC2020, one of the biggest global wine contests in the world, guaranteeing that this offbeat offering is in fact much more than just a gimmick. The frosted glass bottle features the brand’s signature cowboy logo bearing “SWEET COWBOY” font as well as a ribbon graphic and a silver twist cap. The bottle comes encased in a white box with a matching pink and black cowboy logo. Previous sake collections have been limited to 1000 bottles, but this release may see a more widespread availability as no markings so far indicate exclusivity.

A release date for the SWEET COWBOY sake has yet to be announced. Stay tuned to Nigo’s Instagram found below for additional details.

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