If You're Left-Handed And Suffered Through 15/21 Of These Things, You Deserve A Medal

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    A classroom full of only right-handed desksVia epicofficefurniture.com

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    A classroom full of only right-handed scissorsVia picgifs.com

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    Silver Surfer handVia reddit.com

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    Binder hellVia Twitter: @3_hunna_gomez

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    Your worst enemy: spiral notebooksVia Twitter: @bookfilmfan

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    And the mark spiral notebooks leaveVia Twitter: @ant_onette

    Pens on cords you’ve gotten tangled in

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    Mugs with right-handed designsVia reddit.com

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    The can-opener struggleVia reddit.com

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    Right-handed ice cream scoopsVia oxo.com

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    Bumped elbows with the righty next to youVia BuzzFeed

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    Constantly erased white board wordsVia Twitter: @alexyssjackson

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    Credit card machines made exclusively for right-handed peopleVia depositaccounts.com

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    The gym class struggle to find a left-handed gloveVia ltc4940.blogspot.com

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    Upside down pen designsVia thinkbigpromotions.com

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    The holding cards struggleVia f2.thejournal.ie

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    Tape measurers you were forced to read upside downVia Komelon

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    Zipper scavengingVia YYK

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    Smudged crosswordsVia likealaugh.org

    Via Twitter: @_lefthanded

    Ladle issuesVia Twitter: @_lefthanded

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    Having to answer the question “Are you left-handed?” literally every time you use your left handVia businessinsider.com

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