Ikea Appears to Be Expanding Its Range of Smart Speaker Lamps

Ikea appears to be expanding its range of smart speaker lamps, according to an FCC filing first reported on by The Verge.

According to the Sunday filing, the device would be an update to its existing Vappeby Bluetooth speaker, integrating a 2700K bulb so that it also functions as a lamp. The user manual noted in the filing indicates that the device will also feature Spotify Tap, which allows listeners to return to a listening session at the tap of a button. The feature already exists in several headphones and earbuds from companies like Samsung, Microsoft, Bose, Skullcandy and Jabra.

The device will offer an LED status to indicate Bluetooth pairing and battery levels, a USC-C port for charging, a volume dial, a Spotify Tap button and a lamp switch button. In addition, it also boasts an IP65 water-resistance rating, allowing it to be used outdoors.

The Vappeby speaker joins Ikea’s growing list of hybrid lamp devices, including its SYMFONISK range of Sonos-developed speakers. The newly-revamped Symfonisk series offers bookshelf speakers, customizable lamps with audio capabilities, picture frames with integrated speakers and more for indoor use.

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