Iman Shumpert Claims LeBron James "Ruined Basketball" When He Went to Miami

Iman Shumpert claimed in a recent interview that he thought LeBron James “ruined basketball” when he took his talents to South Beach.

Speaking to Bootleg Kev, the player first shared that he didn’t believe Kevin Durant was the one who disrupted the game when he moved to the Golden State Warriors. “It was LeBron first going to Miami,” Shumpert said. “LeBron knows he ruined basketball. He thought he was making it better. I get him.” When asked for confirmation, he continued, “Me personally, I loved the NBA for the loyalty that I thought was there. He basically knocked the fourth wall down, like, ‘Man, the owners ain’t shit. They’re bullshitting. We doing what we want.”

Shumpert added, “Great business move for sure, but when you think about it outside looking in, I got people tweeting me right now, they’re literally talking about owners and trades. It’s like, y’all not supposed to be talking about none of this, actually.”

Shumpert and James won a ring together during the 2015-2016 NBA season when they both played for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Watch the interview clip above.

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