Is Jennie Leaving BLACKPINK?

BLACKPINK is one of the most successful girl groups in the world, with Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa dominating the K-pop scene — however, rumors are now circulating suggesting that Jennie might be leaving the group soon.

Fans are taking to the Chinese social media platform Weibo to share their thoughts, speculations, and sources. Notably, the rumors imply Jennie will be ending her contract with YG Entertainment: “Based on the latest reliable source, Jennie will terminate her contract with YG Entertainment after the Encore concerts,” one user stated.

Elsewhere, another user said: “BLACKPINK Jennie will not be renewing her exclusive contract with YG Entertainment. The company is still in discussions with Lisa, but Lisa has intentions to leave. Rosé is confirmed to sign on with Black Label. Jisoo will continue with YG Entertainment or sign with Black Label.”

The news follows other recent events regarding Jennie’s next career steps, from potentially joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe to appearing in The Weeknd’s “One of the Girls” music video.

Only time will tell if Jennie is set to leave BLACKPINK — but many think it will come when the Encore tour concludes, given the star’s recent performances not being “on par” with her usual work.

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