Jean Jullien Gives Motion and Sound to the Ocean With New "Chut" Exhibition

Following a jam-packed 2021 filled with group and solo exhibitions as well as his own monograph published with Phaidon, Jean Jullien showcases a new series of works for his latest exhibition with Kantor Gallery. The French visual artist is known for his humorous yet charming paper-like characters but has also displayed scenic works that are just as alluring.

Entitled “Chut,” Jullien takes his mind back to the seaside and countryside to deliver a number of paintings that can easily swap you in place of the subject as his strokes give much detail which you can seem to hear, feel and smell. So much motion radiates from the pieces but with the compliment of colors, each work selects its own setting and time of day.

According to Kantor Gallery, to les Français, “Chut” basically asks one to be quiet or in short “shh.” In French, if you add an “e” to the word you get “chute” which would mean “fall” or in English, “water slide.” While the word “shoot” can mean “oh, crap” in America.

Altogether the showcase gives viewers a chance to heal through the harmony of quietness and loudness of crashing waves, sea breeze and faceless humans lounging about under the sun.

“Chut” is now on view until March 15, 202 with further information found on the gallery’s website.

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Kantor Gallery
9663 S Santa Monica Blvd #799,
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
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