Jennifer Garner Losing Her Car In A Parking Garage Is One Big ‘Same’

Jennifer Garner has long been the reigning queen of relatable content, but a recent video chronicling her journey to find her parked car in a garage is true gem in our book.

Earlier this week, the actress shared a video ― filmed by an unknown friend ― of herself wandering through a parking garage in search of her car. With a Build-A-Bear in her arms, Garner opens the video by saying she’s been looking for her car for 10 minutes and that she was certain she’d parked it in the Y section of the garage.

The car was, unfortunately, not in the Y section at all, leaving Jen and her friend to run around the garage both on foot and then later in her friend’s car in desperate search for her vehicle.

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Garner says she’s sweating at one point and that they’ve hit the 25-minute mark on the search for a car in a one-level parking garage.

Finally, she finds her car in ― of all places ― the F section of the lot.

“It’s so rude to just move someone’s car to F,” she quips upon realizing she completely flubbed where she’d parked.

You can watch all the hilarity above. Oh, Jen. Never change. 


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