Jennifer Garner's New Ring Has Fans Wondering If She's Engaged Before Ex Ben Affleck

Everyone has been so busy focusing on Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s relationship that Jennifer Garner might have quietly got engaged to boyfriend John Miller. There’s been no confirmation whatsoever from the Yes Day actress, but a recent Instagram Live has fans focusing on a beautiful new piece of jewelry on her left ring finger.

The Art Deco ring is seen every time she goes to embrace her coffee mug while chatting with actress Judy Greer about the “pros and cons of being sober-ish.” The new accessory on her finger has accents of gold and pearl (and maybe some diamonds?) in a stunning circular design — and that’s what has fans thinking that Garner might be walking down the aisle before her ex does. If it is an engagement ring, we love the simple elegance of the piece — it reflects Garner’s personal style.

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And that possible engagement ring goes right along with early October reports that the couple was in it for the long haul. “Jen and John are serious,” a source shared Us Weekly. “They are totally set on a long-term future together. They’ve taken their time to get this committed.” The duo began dating in 2018 and took a break early on in the pandemic, but they’ve been going strong ever since reuniting in May 2020.

The insider also revealed that they were both on the same page about keeping their relationship “quite old-fashioned and respectful,” which means not moving in together until after an engagement happens. This decision seems to be the complete opposite of how Bennifer has operated in their reunion, but it proves that Affleck and Garner might have found the right partners to match their relationship style.

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