Jennifer Lopez Is Reportedly Making This Major Change Following Her Ben Affleck Nuptials

In case you were busy this weekend, we have some major news to share: Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are officially married! The couple decided to elope in Las Vegas, with the “On The Floor” songstress revealing the happy news in her newsletter. Among all the details that’ve come out in the past nearly 24 hours, there’s one we nearly missed: Lopez intends to change her last name to Affleck.

The couple’s official marriage license, which was obtained by People, indicates Lopez will take Affleck as her new last name. Even when the mom of two announced her nuptials to Affleck on Sunday, Lopez signed off her newsletter “With love, Mrs. Jennifer Lynn Affleck.” Now, it’s official — though, we have a feeling Lopez still might professionally go by her maiden name. But time will tell!

Speaking of time, and all the arbitrary ways in which we measure it, Lopez and Affleck’s surprise wedding was a long time coming. The couple, often referred to by the press as Bennifer, got together in the early aughts after they worked on the film Gigli. It wasn’t long after that the couple got engaged in November 2002. Due to the intense media scrutiny on their relationship, Affleck and Lopez decided to go their separate ways in January 2004.

Nearly 20 years later, and both newly single, Lopez and Affleck got back together. Over the course of the past year, the two have rekindled their romance, blended their families, and bonded with each other’s kids. Above all else, though, these two made it abundantly clear this time their relationship will last. While the couple’s Vegas wedding isn’t what we — or any Bennifer 2.0 fans — anticipated, we’re nevertheless so happy Lopez and Affleck finally got their happily ever after.

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