Jimmy Kimmel Figures Out Donald Trump’s Campaign Strategy

Donald Trump’s escalating war with Twitter is “crazy,” yet there is a method to his madness, Jimmy Kimmel said on his talk show Thursday. (See the video below.)

The host summed up the back-and-forth that heightened after Twitter slapped fact-check labels on Trump’s unsupported claims that mail-in voting would be fraudulent. The president fired back that the social media giant was stifling free speech. He then issued an executive order weakening Twitter’s legal protections. Complaining that Twitter wasn’t neutral, Trump went even further by threatening to shut down the platform if his lawyers could find a way.

“This is crazy,” Kimmel said. “This would like if he declared war on Arby’s because they said there were 550 calories in his curly fries. … If he’s so mad at Twitter, why doesn’t he stop using it?”

But the comedian said the intensifying battle reveals Trump’s plan to salvage his reelection in November.

“It’s part of his multi-pronged ’looks like I’m gonna lose so I’ll make every case I can to say I was cheated campaign.’”

Trump vs. Twitter tensions heightened further after Kimmel’s broadcast, when Twitter flagged a Trump tweet threatening to shoot George Floyd protestors in Minneapolis for “glorifying violence.” 

So Kimmel will have something else to talk about in his next bit.


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