Karimoku Case Study Presents New Interior Design Project

Japanese furniture maker Karimoku has pulled back the curtains on its latest interior design-focused project, aptly named “Azabu Residence Project.” This new endeavor was taken on in collaboration with Danish firm Norm Architects and Keiji Ashizawa Architects.

Dubbed “Azabu Residence Project,” Karimoku is unveiling the works through the company’s newly established branch Karimoku Case Study, focused on making furniture with regard to interiors by teaming up with architects from around the world.

“Azabu Residence Project,” also called CASE 04, began as a renovation project for an apartment complex that stands quietly in a prime location in Sweden. A modular sofa, bench and dining table have been designed, offering a distinctive style inspired by both Danish and Japanese minimalism. Beyond furniture, Karimoku also helped design some essential interiors of the space, like the walls and flooring so that the tones of wood and furniture remain harmoniously consistent.

Scroll through the gallery above for a look at Karimoku Case Study’s collaborative project with Norm Architects and Keiji Ashizawa Architects.

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