Kelela Debuts “Happy Ending” With Rave-Inspired Music Video

After a nearly five-year hiatus, Kelela is finally back on the scene and she’s ready to switch up the tempo, again. The Washington D.C.-born artist first re-appeared on social media and in music last month with the release of her single “Washed Away.” Kelela is showing no signs of letting up soon with today’s release of her track “Happy Ending.”

With an accompanying rave-inspired music video, Kelela is calling everyone to get out on the dance floor. The high-energy music video cycles between shots of rave scenes, Kelela and thermal video clips. Intertwined with scenes of letting go, the track discusses the phases of a relationship, whether the connection is over or not and the prospect of moving forward.

“But we’re too far away/I’m reading all the writings on the wall/And if you don’t run away/Could be a happy ending after all/It’s deeper than fantasy,” sings Kelela in the chorus.

After releasing two tracks since September, appearing on the cover of Dazed Magazine and stopping attending Maximilian Davis’ Ferragamo debut, it’s evident that a new Kelela era is on the horizon.

Check out the new track in the music video above.

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