Kitowares Launching Foam Shoes Made From a Jaguar Skull

Kitowares has grasped attention with previous widely discussed releases that toe the line between functionality and thought-provoking art. The brand plans to do so again with the release of a new shoe style that is bad to the bone.

The Jag Foams are inspired by the shape of an actual jaguar skull, making for a silhouette unlike any other, in a material that is unrivaled. Produced in the same Los Angeles-based factory as Kanye West’s merch, the runners are crafted out of Fossil-X, a unique compound that Kitowares has trademarked.

Fossil-X creates the shoe’s distinctive shape and ensures long-lasting durability and comfort. Built like an ancient fossil that stands the test of time, Fossil-X differs from other typical shoe molds in that it is made to last forever.

The Jag Foams will drop on July 29 at 5 pm EST on As the production process is detailed and intricate, the release will be available for $98 USD in limited quantities.
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