Kris Jenner — Who Is A Millionaire FYI — Tried To Guess The Price Of Regular Groceries And It Actually Went Quite Well

I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you this information, but Kris Jenner is a millionaire.

I’m almost certain that “when I can” actually means “almost never” but I’m willing to take Kris at her word.

But the game couldn’t start without an official entrance from contestant number one and honestly, I couldn’t love anything more.

The game was pretty simple — all Kris had to do was choose the three highest-priced items out of the six on offer. Easy!

Oh, Kris…

Anyway, back to the game! The first item Kris picked as the most expensive was the men’s deodorant. She guessed, after a very long and confused paused, that it cost around $7 and what do you know, it was $6.99!

Next up, she picked the trash bags, which came in at $9.99. So far so good!

After looking a little stumped at trying to guess the third, Kris got a little help from the crowd and ended up going with the cat food. Turns out the crowd were right — it came to a whopping $21.69!

But had Kris guessed the highest-priced groceries correctly? The Funfetti cake mix turned out to be $1.29. The Lucky Charms cereal was $3.64. And finally, the yams came in at…$3.99!

DING DING DING, WE HAVE A WINNER! Kris looked only too happy to go and straddle her prize, something which she said she would give to Kanye as a Christmas present.

I would pay a lot of money to see Kanye’s face when he unwraps that on December 25th.

So, all in all, the game went a lot better than expected. Much better than when Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates tried to guess grocery prices on Ellen anyway…

You can watch Kris play the game for yourself here.

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