Leonardo DiCaprio's Ex-Girlfriend Wrote an Essay Defending Him For Only Dating Women Under 25

Leonardo DiCaprio’s breakup with Camila Morrone became an internet sensation because of the timing of their split. The Oscar winner seems to have a pattern of exiting relationships right before his girlfriends’ birthdays (Morrone was extra special for making it two months after her 25th birthday). However, not everyone finds humor in pointing out DiCaprio’s fondness for an age gap — his ex-girlfriend Kristen Zang has his back.

The couple dated on and off from 1995 to 1999 and she was there at the height of his fame during Titanic‘s explosive run at the box office. Calling DiCaprio “a very sweet and thoughtful boyfriend” in a personal essay for People, Zang defended her ex for preferring to date younger women. “Now over 20 years later when I read the headlines and online comments with his most recent ex girlfriend being referred to as having ‘aged out’ or being ‘too old for Leo at 25,’ puh-lease (insert dramatic eye roll). I think we can and should do better,” she wrote. “What kind of message is this sending to young people?”

Her message feels like a conflict of views —  yes, she had a great experience with her ex when they were dating — but there is a pattern to DiCaprio’s dating history that is certainly worthy of dialogue. Zang even talks about the choice she made to end the relationship four months after she turned 25. “I just felt like I was ready for our relationship to be done,” she continued. “It was like I had outgrown that version of myself, the Hollywood high school girl. I wanted to figure out who I was and what I wanted.” We don’t know the details of DiCaprio’s split from Morrone, but it could have easily been the model’s choice — whether it was to explore her career more or a desire to settle down — perhaps his dates outgrow him.

It’s no secret that he prefers not to settle down and have a family (he is allowed to have that choice), but it’s probably easier dating women at a younger age because they are fun and not worrying about marriage and kids (yet). When they finally start feeling that they need something more in life, just like Zang, they might move on. DiCaprio is never going to have a shortage of women to date, but if he opts for the same dating patterns over and over again, Twitter will continue to have a say.

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