Lil Nas X Spoofs His Own Nike Lawsuit in the Legendary Teaser For His Upcoming Single

Nothing is off limits for Lil Nas X, including his own ongoing lawsuit. The wonderfully irreverent rapper just promoted his upcoming single, “Industry Baby,” with a teaser spoofing his legal spat with Nike. Better yet, the teaser was released on July 19, the very day he was set to appear in court for a hearing.

The elaborate promo shows Lil Nas X as the defendant, prosecutor, defense attorney, judge, and juror in a Supreme Court trial. Though the Satan Shoes sneaker collaboration is meant to be the subject of the lawsuit, the teaser instead shows the prosecutor interrogating Lil Nas X about his sexuality. He’s ultimately sentenced to five years at Montero State Prison. (Montero, mind you, is Lil Nas X’s birth name and the title of his forthcoming debut album.)

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