'Love, Death + Robots' Newest Season 2 Trailer Packs All the Red-Band Content You Can Imagine

The newest Season 2 trailer of Love, Death + Robots has arrived, and it’s jam-packed with all possible Red-Band content you can imagine. Dubbed Volume 2, the upcoming season appears to be much more amped up than the debut season, and the trailer gives you a good glimpse at just how that may be the case.

Running at just under a minute, the trailer somehow manages to squeeze in plenty of sex, violence and F-bombs. The trailer starts with a seduction scene, then quickly shows a cut of a dead body, followed by screaming, violent gunshots and a series of cuss words. After this, there’s plenty of blood and guts, while showing a colorful variety of visual animation styles, ranging from cartoon to CGI. At one point in the trailers, the words, “Consume Responsibly,” flash on, though the visuals seem to be preaching the opposite.

Check out Love, Death + Robots‘ new Season 2 trailer above.

In case you missed it, here’s a look at the show’s previous trailer, released last month.
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