Maisie Williams Goes a Bit Insane on Hot Ones While Dishing Game of Thrones Secrets

Maisie Williams conquered an enemy far greater than any Night King could ever be: the spicy cauliflower wings on First We Feast’s Hot Ones. The Game of Thrones actress is the latest star to tackle the challenge on YouTube host Sean Evans’s show, and while attempting to hold back tears from the heat (she did not succeed), Williams dished on some behind-the-scenes tidbits on the Emmy-winning HBO series.

While making her way through the fiery, low-carb “wings,” Williams revealed that she almost missed out on playing fan-favorite Arya Stark for a school trip. To be fair, it was a school trip to a pig farm, so we kind of get it. “My mom really put her foot down and I was kinda mad about it, I really wanted to go on that school trip,” she explained. “I wouldn’t be here today, you wouldn’t want me on the show if I’d have gone to the pig farm!”

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