Mario movie will include infamously bad DK Rap confirms Seth Rogen

As Chris Pratt teases a post-credits scene, Seth Rogen reveals that the wonderfully awful DK Rap will appear in the Super Mario Bros. movie.

While it’s received plenty of criticism for its casting, Illumination’s Super Mario Bros. movie has been praised in other areas, particularly for how much fan service it’s set to include.

The trailers alone are chock full of fun references, Easter eggs, and nods to the Mario franchise’s entire history, including the Donkey Kong side of things.

As it turns out, this extends to the infamous DK Rap from 1999’s Donkey Kong 64, which is confirmed to be featured in the movie.

Corroborated by the voice of Donkey Kong, Seth Rogen, himself, the song will play during DK’s introductory scene.

This comes from a promotional clip of Rogen reacting to the DK Rap, which he unapologetically calls ‘one of the worst rap songs of all time.’

There are a few obvious guesses as to what the post-credit tease could be, with the trailers seeming to hint at Rosalina being part of the movie universe. There’s also been no sign of Wario or Waluigi yet, who are bound to turn up if the film gets a sequel or two.

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