Matthew Morrison's Wife Renee Defends His 'Grace & Integrity' Amid 'SYTYCD' Firing

Matthew Morrison’s wife Renee is sticking by her man in the wake of his firing from So You Think You Can Dance as a judge on the show’s 17th season. The 43-year-old actor admitted to Us Weekly on Friday, May 27 that he “did not follow competition production protocols,” but didn’t elaborate on his infraction.

The rumors on the internet heated up and a source told People that Matthew allegedly sent “flirty texts” to a contestant, which he refuted with an Instagram Reel condemning the report. Now, his wife is doubling down on his statement that he only asked for a contestant’s number in hopes of getting a mutual friend a choreography job on the show. She reposted her husband’s video clip and added that the last week had been “a wild ride.” Renee praised the former Glee star for his “grace and integrity in a situation that is complex and incredibly complicated” while reiterating his thoughts that “Gossip and cruelty are poison that have penetrated the depths of our society and somehow have made people forget their true nature- Love & compassion.”

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Renee believes that Matthew’s intent with his social media message was harmless, but there are specific rules to any TV competition show, and it prohibits judge and contestant interaction, per the Federal Communication Act of 1934. So You Think You Can Dance also has a clear process for recruiting choreographers to the show with New York City and Los Angeles showcases, so his method of getting someone a job was clearly unorthodox. The bottom line, though, is that the contestant, who reported Matthew to the producers — felt uncomfortable with the interaction because he was in a position of power.

FOX has been quiet about the entire situation, only telling Us Weekly that they “will soon announce a new judge to the series,” but it seems that the network saw some type of violation in the communication. Matthew and Renee are sticking together, believing he had no ill intentions with the contestant, but it’s a lesson learned about the power structure in the workplace and why it always needs to be honored.

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