McDonald's Japan Will Continue to Offer Only Small-Sized French Fries

At the end of 2021, McDonald’s Japan announced that it would be only offering small-sized french fries due to a potato shortage in the nation. Although restrictions were set to end on the first day of 2022, the ongoing global supply chain crisis is forcing the continuation of the limiting of french fries sizes. The rationing measure was forced by large-scale flooding in British Columbia, Canada, the area where the Japan division of McDonald’s imports its potatoes from.

It is interesting to note, at one point an American logistics company noted that it would be airlifting a supply of relief potatoes to end the shortage. But it seems as though that unforeseen circumstances, like unfavorable weather, have made that effort impossible.

Continuing to be limited to offering small-sized french fries, combos at McDonald’s Japan are discounted by ¥50 JPY (approximately $0.45 USD). It is currently unclear when McDonald’s Japan will be able to return to its usual french fry size option range.

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