MEANSWHILE FW21 Seeks Beauty in Sheer Utility

Appropriately named “Form Follows Function, Function Follows Form,” MEANSWHILE’s Fall/Winter 2021 collection is even more forward-looking than Spring/Summer 2021, incorporating a bevy of dynamic dyes and unusual shapes into the seasonal affair. Essential bits of insulation, like puffers and hoodies, co-mingle with ever-more progressive garments that wholly reshape conventional winter wearables.

Transformable vests, jackets and parkas are MEANSWHILE staples, so the brand naturally delivers these styles with aplomb, crafting a series of relaxed, yet trim, outerwear capable of fighting inclement weather and blending into the rest of MEANSWHILE’s typically stylish fare. Tradition is flipped on its head by way of shapely shearling jackets, anatomical cardigans and string-laden pajama sets, grounding the more technical items with old school shapes.

Deep cargo pockets promise that the lightweight jackets and vests are able to contain a day’s worth of supplies or at least one of the collection’s crushable caps. Dye-streaked jackets and trousers co-exist with bright orange puffers, green anoraks and high-necked mid-layers executed in royal blue, demonstrating a breadth of color that underscores the collection’s dual focus on practicality and style.

Keep up with the brand via MEANSWHILE’s website, whereas stockists will receive FW21 items beginning this summer.

Other technical labels are focusing on summer, however, as evidenced by the latest looks from The North Face and Arc’teryx.
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