Medicom Toy Heads to the World of 'Digimon' With Augmon [email protected]

As part of its latest slate of [email protected] offerings, Medicom Toy has prepared a 400% and 100% set inspired by Agumon — one of the most recognizable characters from the long-running Digimon franchise. The companion of Digimon protagonist Tai Kamiya, Augmon is a dinosaur-like creature and his familiar visage is put on full display across his [email protected] set.

Both the 400% and 100% figures are dressed in a light orange from head to toe, and relegate the vast majority of their signature detailing to the face. Agumon’s large green eyes and small nostrils are on full display here, sitting above his large, toothy mouth which features pointy chompers jutting out from both its top and bottom. A small detail is placed on the figure’s chest for texture, and Agumon’s sharp claws are acknowledged with touches of white on the hands and feet alike. Signature bear ears and chubby stomachs add an element of humor into the figure to complete the look.

Medicom Toy’s Agumon 400% and 100% [email protected] set is available now via the brand’s webstore and retailers like HBX. The MSRP is set at ¥13,200 JPY (approximately $119 USD).

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