Mondaine Offers WiFi-enabled Aluminum Swiss Railway Clock for the Home

Mondaine’s latest wall clock brings the iconic design of the Swiss Federal Railway clock into your home.

The Bauhaus-influenced SBB clock has been a constant fixture at Switzerland’s famously punctual railway since 1944 and helps display a consistent time across the network using a red lollipop sweep second hand that pauses at the 12 o’clock position until it receives a central impulse signal to move on to the next minute.

Mondaine’s licensed stop2go recreation sees its movement reach the 12 o’clock position ahead of time and pause for two seconds before advancing again.

Here the concept is adapted for a 25cm aluminum wall clock that can be set using WiFi, taking into account timezones and daylight-saving time.

The stop2go WiFi wall clock is available now via Mondaine, priced $365 USD.

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