NASA Administrator Who Has Seen Classified UFO Report Believes We Are Not Alone in the Universe

Earlier this week, the highly-anticipated intellegence report on UAPs was officially released. The report, which is available to the public, had evidently downplayed the recent news updates regarding unidentified aerial phenomenas sightings.

NASA administrator Bill Nelson explained earlier this week that he had seen the unclassified UFO report, which he revealed in an interview with CNN’s Pamela Brown. He said, “I’ve seen the classified report. It says basically what we thought. We don’t know the answer to what those Navy pilots saw. Now, they know that they saw something. They tracked it. They locked their radar onto it. They followed it. It would suddenly move quickly from one location to another. And what the report does tell us that is public is that there have been over 140 of these sightings, So, naturally, what I ask our scientists to do is to see if there’s any kind of explanation from a scientific point of view and I’m awaiting their report.”

Brown continued to ask Nelson if he had a “strong feeling” about what could possibly be responsible for or are the objects in question. To that, Nelson denies there is currently any concrete explanation as what these foreign objects could be.

Check out the interview below.

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