Nat Wolff Strums His Guitar and Our Heartstrings Simultaneously as He Sings The Beatles

Nat Wolff may not be part of Nickelodeon’s The Naked Brothers Band anymore, but he still has plenty of musical talent to show off. The 24-year-old Semper Fi actor recently sat down with Elle to participate in the Song Association Game, and he came ready to impress.

Most musicians show up for the game with just their vocal chords as an instrument, but Wolff was prepared with a guitar in hand. He strummed out classics from The Beatles and Bruce Springsteen, his own throwback tracks, and even made up a silly song on the spot. His score ended up landing him behind Ari Lennox — could we give him extra points for creativity, though?

Press play on the video above and let Wolff serenade you with his selection of songs. If his sound is right up your alley, you can listen to his newer music, which he performs with his younger brother, Alex.

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