Netflix Is Reportedly Growing Its Pool of Early Feedback Viewers

In order to gauge how new movies and shows will be received and make any necessary changes ahead of its premiere, Netflix enlists a group of approximately 2,000 subscribers to preview the content and give feedback via survey. The program is called the Netflix Preview Club and its existence only became known earlier this year.

The streamer is reportedly now planning to expand its pool of viewers who provide advice on tweaks content may need. Next year, Netflix will grow the pool to tens of thousands of users located around the world, according to The Wall Street Journal, which cited people familiar with the matter.

Netflix has reported subscriber losses across the past two quarters, meaning the streaming service is probably seeking to maximize viewership among new content. An expanded group of feedback viewers will provide direction on how Netflix can make new movies and shows appeal to a wider, global audience.

The report didn’t detail if subscribers will be able to apply for the Netflix Preview Club in the future.

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