Nintendo Shares New 'Mario Golf: Super Rush' Speed and Battle Golf Modes

The latest iteration of Nintendo‘s highly acclaimed Mario Golf  will officially land on Switch next month. Ahead of the launch, the Japanese video game company revealed several of the game’s updated features in a new overview trailer.

Dubbed Mario Golf: Super Rush, the new Switch-compatible interface welcomes speed golf mode, which allows users to play against up to four friends in matches where both time and skill will be necessary to win. Players will need to sprint between holes to take their next shots, picking up coins and stamina-restoring tokens along the way, before carefully aiming and shooting the ball into each target in the least number of hits possible. Each character possesses varying attributes across power, stamina, speed, control and spin, so players will need to assess their own strengths and weaknesses before selecting their desired avatar.

Additionally, Mario Golf: Super Rush offers a battle royale speed game called Battle Golf, which takes place in a virtual arena with nine holes and an array of obstacles. The first player to sink three golf balls with the lowest shot count will be crowned the winner.

Elsewhere, a role-playing game mode called Golf Adventure allows users to level-up their individual Mii characters through various challenges, boss battles and coaching sessions. After reaching an adequate level, players have the option to sub-in their Mii character for multiplayer modes in lieu of the typical Mario Golf cast.

Mario Golf: Super Rush will be available on Nintendo Switch on June 25.

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