Over 400 complaints after TVB artist Priscilla Wong made fun of actor Tony Hung's manhood

It was not a small, trivial matter for the TV viewers.

Now, with more than 400 people lodging complaints, TVB artist Priscilla Wong, 38, is facing a big headache, after she made fun of fellow actor Tony Hung’s masculinity.

In a True Or False segment in a recent show to mark the Hong Kong broadcaster’s 52nd anniversary, she said she had seen Hung, 35, in the buff.

She then put up her pinkie to indicate the size of his genitalia.

Wong revealed that her information was first-hand – the duo had once visited a public bath in Turkey to shoot a travelogue.

After her expose drew howls of protest from viewers, Wong conceded that she had behaved inappropriately on the show, reported the HK01 portal.

“I shouldn’t have said things that stepped over the line.

“Watching the playback, I realised how disrespectful I was,” she said, adding that she will be more careful in future.

Hung has laughed off the matter, telling reporters that what Wong had said should be taken lightly.

The two have been friends for a long time.

“She actually didn’t see me naked, unless she peeked and I didn’t know. I’m not upset with her at all,” he added.

His girlfriend, Inez Leong, is not offended either, reported the 38jiejie portal.

The 31-year-old model told reporters that Wong was only doing her part to make the show entertaining, and that she was happy with Hung’s physical attributes.

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